Top tips from LF91 interior designers, Mallorca

Top tips from LF91 interior designers, Mallorca

Are LF91 interior designers right for you?

When it comes to interior design, working with a local specialist who understands your property and its surroundings makes all the difference. At LF91, we’re interior designers in Mallorca, creating unique, calming, and modern spaces.

Why work with an interior designer in Mallorca?

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The best designers have a trusted network of high quality furniture or exclusive brands that give the best results, where they can find quality design work at really fair prices. At LF91 we adapt to your budget, giving the best brand and design advice possible..

LF91 Interior Designers right for you

What’s more, by working with a professional in the first place, you know exactly what to expect, with designs that work both functionally and aesthetically. You won’t find yourself needing to remodel because you overlooked important details.

Use design principles to make the most of your space

One of the key differences between an amateur and a professional interior designer is an understanding of how space works. A professional interior designer in Mallorca can study drawings and examine every feature of your property to create designs that make the best use of your light and space.

Add designs that capture the essence of Mallorca

Your interior designer is there to make your space feel like you. Often, our clients like to weave Mallorcan charm into their rooms, through little touches that keep the space modern yet Mediterranean.

At Sant Jordi 61, we reformed a well-known, local townhouse. As requested by the owners, we preserved the original essence of the property with elements including restored doors, original arches and ceiling mouldings, and exposed beams.

LF91 Sant Jordi

At the same time, the neutral pallet and minimalist furniture create a fresh, modern style. This is a true oasis in the centre of town.

Coordinate your team easily

Creating a design is only one part of the task. You need a team who can implement the designs and work to the highest standards.

LF91 Sant Jordi

As interior designers in Mallorca, we also offer project management services. This means you save time and can relax, knowing that your project is being taken care of by an expert team.

Let your spaces flow together

Each room in your house is part of a whole, and that extends to the outside space, too. One of the wonderful benefits of Mallorcan life is that outdoor areas can become living spaces. These need to be carefully thought through, keeping your preferences and the natural environment in mind.

At Villa Voramar, set on a green mountain plain, we worked on designs to create a modern Mallorcan feel throughout the stunning spaces. For example, outside, the pool is lined with black tiles, creating a grey colour that mimics the tone of the sea beyond and matches the natural colours of the landscape.

At LF91, we offer bespoke interior design services across Mallorca. We’re equipped to manage as much or as little of your next project as you need, including project management, landscaping, and architecture services.

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