LF91 Project Management, specialists in architectural design in Mallorca

LF91 Project Management, specialists in architectural design in Mallorca

The main objective of the team of LF91 is to achieve excellence and neatness in architectural design. We specialize in architecture, design and construction of single-family homes, apartment buildings and hotels in Mallorca.

We advocate a comprehensive view of architecture and environment considering that the quality of our environment has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. We pursue innovation, quality and sustainability while maintaining a creative approach and respect for the environment.
We manage projects of singular buildings, plan and perform minor renovations in houses or we undertake the comprehensive rehabilitation of villas in Mallorca.

We work developing a global and comprehensive concept with a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, industrialists and builders who actively participates in the design process in order to achieve sustainable, functional, creative and innovative architectural style.

We design and project houses and villas in Mallorca totally unique to each of our clients; we get involved in the whole process, we apply active listening to meet their needs, daily activities, interests... and made a thorough study of important aspects such as the location of construction, the surrounding environment, orientation, lighting conditions climate, vegetation…

Our architecture is based on the ability to combine harmoniously the formal simplicity of the Majorcan houses with a start bold and contemporary scene. We seek the essence of construction and direct links with the outside environment integrating the environment into the house and adapting the home environment and maintaining traditional Majorcan architecture elements.
We believe that there are places that mark and projects that arise from them without any doubt, the landscapes of Mallorca are a great source of inspiration for our architectural projects.

We have extensive experience in architecture, interior design and landscaping to villas in Mallorca.

Committed to sustainability, our buildings inspire users to be environmentally responsible. We conducted the study, assessment and management of any sustainable energy assisted installation. The houses designed and built by LF91 are sustainable and energy efficient which also leads to reduced energy costs and the rise in house.

Coordinate, organize and manage all phases of the project from conception until handover to the owner, we conducted a thorough financial study focused on the economic aspects of the project and conduct quality monitoring procedures and rigorous control budget and deadlines.

Visit our website LF91 and meet some of our architectural projects in new construction and comprehensive reforms of houses and villas in Mallorca.

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