Buying a house in Mallorca.

Buying a house in Mallorca.

Mallorca surveys. Why you should get a building survey when you are buying a property?

From LF91 Project Mangement  always recommend carrying out construction surveys previous to the closing of the purchase sales process, in this article we will explain which are our reasons for this.

The first and basic reason is that the building survey will help you to have knowledge about the condition of the property and it could help you to begin a process of negotiation, if there are problems or damages,to down the price or have the owner bear the costs of reforms. Althougha survey may seem an addition expense to purchasing property, it‘s an absolutely necessary process that allows you to be aware of any problems before buying a home so you can make an informed decision about how much you are willing to pay for it.

There are three main types of survey, the most popular type to get done is a Condition Report. It is used when the house that you want to buy is in good condition. This kind of report will provide you the security that everything in the property is ok. This is the most basic survey and give the buyer an overview of the property's condition, but won't go into detail.

The second kind is the Home buyer's Report, this is suitable if you are going to buy a property that is in a reasonably good condition but generates some doubts. The homebuyer’s report is more detailed than a condition report, it will highlight problems with the property andbreaches of building regulations set by local councils of different localities of Mallorca. The surveyor will make a superficial survey indicating “visible” problems and including advices on the necessary repairs.

Finally, the Buildings Surveys are the most complete, these are very useful if you're buying an older or in bad condition property. The surveyor will make anin-depth survey of the property indicating the status of both surface areas and the structure of the house and includes a report on projected costs and estimated times of reform work.

Another type ofsurvey verylittle used is the New-build Snagging Survey,specialist for new homes that will pick up mistakes such as plumbing the hot to the cold tap or poorly finished paintwork.

You should be aware that a Building Survey is not the same as the valuation report which is commissioned by a mortgage lender. When purchasing a property in Mallorca, it’s advisable to appoint an independent surveyor working exclusively for you as a buyer.

The cost and type of the survey depends on the size, condition and age of the property.

LF91 Project Management, headed by Miquel Bauzá, with office in Pollença and working around the island is a multi-disciplinary team of construction professionals that offers offering surveys, valuations, project management and renovation services in Mallorca

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