Cost control service

LF91 offers a new cost control service

Since 2020 we have been involved in a general rise in the prices of goods, which implicitly affects the construction sector. The constant change in the prices of raw materials means that in LF91 we implement the new BIM Cost Management service in our works.

BIM as a source of information

BIM stands for “Building Information Modeling”, it is a way of working and managing construction projects. This methodology incorporates three-dimensional, time and cost information into traditional 2D elements. In this way, a file contains the information that, with elements to which the project information is attributed, generates a single database from which to extract and consult information.

At LF91 we believe that by integrating this methodology into our projects, we offer the client greater rigor in our construction projects, and in the case of cost control, in the extraction of metrics.

The need for the cost manager

Cost management in construction projects is the process of planning and controlling costs from the start to the end of the project, from the first estimate to budget control during construction.

At LF91 we offer the client the services of all the stages of the cost according to the stages of the project, from the planning of the budget according to its scope, the requirements of the project, the environment and the client, continuing with its update in the different stages of design and ending with cost control during construction.

In LF91 we incorporate this figure in our projects to offer the client rigor in the control of the project budget.

BIM cost management as a risk mitigator

The BIM Cost Management services integrated throughout the project help the client to visualize the magnitude of the cost and its evolution, helping to make decisions regarding where to put the value of their project, foresee cost overruns and mitigate them.

To obtain more information about this service you can contact us by phone or the website.

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