Interior design

Interior design

Your home in Mallorca should be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside – and achieving that comes down to professional interior design. 

Avoid Design Mistakes From The Outset

Far from being an unnecessary expense, interior designers identify - and thus avoid - costly mistakes in layout, lighting and proportion, before the build begins. 
Your interior designer will study the architectural drawings and examine every aspect of the interior, to make sure it is both fully functional and visually pleasing. Working closely with clients interior designers add a wealth of extra detail to the architectural drawings, turning them into fully developed plans, where interior spaces are functional and offer an easy flow. 
This involves examining the size and placement of windows and doors, kitchen and bathroom layouts, choosing materials and finishes for flooring, countertops and cabinetry, selecting bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances, as well as the finer details, such as specifying the positioning of electrical sockets and lights, finding the right window treatments, doorknobs and handles. 

Interior Decoration

In addition to advising on materials and finishes and the placement of fixed interior elements, LF91’s interior designers can also select the furniture, fabrics, accessories and art work that together add up to a space that is balanced, cohesive and inviting.  
LF91’s interior design service saves homeowners time and money, sourcing appropriate materials and furnishings, organising shipping and deliveries, and styling interiors to give them that professional, finished look.