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Can Huilco

a British colonial-style commemoration

Can Huilco has a striking layout, a complex project that integrates a colonial style with a minimalist line of white spaces that evoke relaxation throughout the villa. The English style has been maintained in each of the rooms, with classic furniture and decorative elements combined with modern touches. For example, the living room features a dark leather Chesterfield sofa in dark tones, accompanied by contemporary chairs and a walnut coffee table.
In the bedrooms, the marble fireplace has been retained and combined with beds upholstered in velvety fabrics in bright colours and bold prints. In addition, modern lighting has been incorporated in the form of designer lamps or wall lights on the bedside tables. In the kitchen, a classic aesthetic has been chosen with white wooden furniture, marble worktops and stainless steel appliances. A central island with high stools has been added, where you can have breakfast or get together with friends.

The garden has also been renovated in an English style, with flower beds and well-tended hedges, as well as a porch with wicker furniture and brightly coloured cushions. In short, this renovation has managed to combine classic elements with modern touches and a bold chromatic proposal, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere in this English-style house.

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