Landscaping design

Landscaping design

Landscape Design

The long summers, mild winters and abundant sunshine are one of main incentives for purchasing a home in Mallorca. In a climate conducive to spending time outdoors, a property’s exterior spaces are just as important as the interior spaces. Engaging the services of a landscape architect from the outset is essential to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and financially viable project, where indoors and outdoors work in harmony with one another. 

Maximising Outdoor Spaces

A well-designed outdoor space not only enhances the quality of life for its owners, but also adds to the value of a property. To enable clients to make the most of their outdoor environment, LF91 connects clients with knowledgeable landscape designers and architects

Landscape Design is More Than Gardens

A landscape architect can design and develop all exterior aspects of your property. From a site analysis that takes into account the plot location and elevation, surrounding vegetation and views, to hydrology surveys that assess rainfall and drainage patterns, down to the finer details of sizes, types and placement of plants and irrigation systems, LF91’s professionals have it covered. 
Beyond gardens and flower beds, LF91’s landscape designers take the entire outdoor environment into account: for larger estates this may include hedges and fencing options, enclosures for animals, terraces, pergolas, parking areas, pathways and more.
With LF91, you can rest assured that landscape architects will ensure they have a full understanding of your desires and deliver designs that capture your vision.