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Beautiful Mediterranean gardens, outdoor spaces and gorgeous grounds from LF91

Outdoor space with landscape design is just as important as interior design, which is what LF91 always tries to combine, in order to create the perfect home in Mallorca. Carefully planned spaces, manicured gardens and lush vegetation with Mediterranean plants and flowers is all part of our landscaping process. Understanding your outdoor spaces and working around the environment are two key components to creating divine terraces, patios, gardens and swimming pool areas.   

Maximising outdoor spaces with landscaping

Long summers, mild winters and abundant sunshine are all major incentives for purchasing a home in Mallorca. The island’s Mediterranean climate invites you to spend time outdoors, al fresco, particularly in your home’s exteriorspaces, which are equally as important as the interior spaces. Creating outdoor dining areas, terraces and sunbathing areas all form part of landscape design in Mallorca. Landscaping also involves designing beautiful grounds with lush, green vegetation. 


Authentic landscape design made in Mallorca 

Engaging the services of a landscape architect from the outset is essential to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and financially viable project, where indoors and outdoors work in harmony with one another. A well-designed outdoor space not only enhances your quality of life, but it also adds to the value of your home. To enable our clients to make the most of their outdoor environment, at LF91 we connect clients with knowledgeable landscape designers in Mallorca.  


LF91 landscaping projects 


Let’s create your dream garden with landscape design

Mallorca garden projects and landscape design often include popular Mediterranean plants and flowers such as bougainvillea bushes, citrus trees, olive trees, palm trees and a combination of tropical plants which make your outdoor spaces utterly divine and immersed in nature. However big or small the outdoor area, LF91 will enhance the space with landscaping services in Mallorca. The privileged landscape of the Balearic Islands makes al fresco living a true sensory experience.


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