LF91 Project Management, the value of a home.

LF91 Project Management, the value of a home.

Fantasize with possessions that could buy the winner of the Early, is the axis of the new TV campaign "Ay, si te toca" of Lotería Primitiva Española.
"Oh, if I lived there," is what they think the characters in the spot, a perfect house in the perfect place ... Sometimes we are surprised wishing things that make us realize that, generally, "We haven’t cheap dreams ".
In this way defines advertising filmproducer BLUR the spot recorded in Mallorca or three days to Publicis and Primitiva, and the house chosen for this has been LF61, designed, planned and built by LF91Project Management in Pollença, Mallorca.

It's a building that stands out for its pure and simple lines that fit naturally in the environment in which it is located, becoming a work of sharp geometry based on the essentiality with striking windows causing a harmonious interior-exterior confluence generating a perfect enhancing balance and interior lighting.

The fact is that we can say that Mallorca is now the European capital of advertisements, today many commercials are shot in different locations on the island for its location, climate and stunning landscapes has experienced impressive growth in advertising audiovisual industry. "The promotion made of the island is priceless, and if we add the volume of business generated, the result is extremely positive for all", say from Illes Balears Film Commission (IBFC), audiovisual technical entity owned by the Department of Tourism.

The country housesand private homes design appear in many more spots from which we imagine, its owners have found in this business a good way to get extra income and can even be considered an attractive selling tool. We must not forget that there are houses that are more than homes, real jewels whose value goes beyond its selling price or construction, clear examples of cutting-edge architectural design Mallorca, harmonious integration of construction on the environment, functionality and sustainability; ultimately examples of the high quality of design and construction of LF91Project Management


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