LF91 Project Management and Surveyors Mallorca

LF91 Project Management and Surveyors Mallorca

Construction surveys in Mallorca

Buying a property is always a complex process in which is essential to have information and professional and quality advice.

In LF91 Project Management with offices in Pollença and working throughout the island, we are aware of the importance of have all possible information when making a decision regarding the purchase or construction of a property, which is why we work to provide solutions that limit the risks of the process by providing technical, comprehensive and verified information over all aspects of home, villa, apartment or plot that you want to buy in Mallorca.

We specialize in all aspects related to the property sector in Mallorca and ensure a professional, specialized and independent service, our goal is to help you to make a fully informed about buying property in Mallorca decision.

We offer Services of:
- Conducting surveys of construction
- Valuations
- Comprehensive project management
- Adviceand support services
- Real Estate Management
- Management of Energy Efficiency certification

In LF91 Project Management we have a wide experience in property transactions and we´re specialists in Mallorca property market, on which we have a deep understanding.
We are multilingual and we work with a powerful network of affiliates and collaborate with the best experts and lawyers specializing in real estate and urban administrative law of the island, besides having own real estate LF91Properties.

We perform specialized work in architecture, design and construction of single-family homes, apartment buildings and hotels; we cover from analysis and design through implementation of renewable technologies through LF91 ECO DESIGN.

We work in partnership with EpicConstructions, Inca based company formed by a team of engineers and architects leaders in the construction sector in Mallorca performing rehabilitation work, renovation and new constructions.

Our final objective is to work closely with our partners to offer you a complete pre-purchase report covering all aspects of technical and legal property information to help you in your final decision.
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