Can I renovate during the winter in Mallorca?

Can I renovate during the winter in Mallorca?

It can be tricky to choose the ‘right’ time to renovate. Many of us naturally wait for warmer weather and then hurry to get our houses ready for the summer. What if there was a simpler option? Today, we’re looking at why it might be better to renovate during the winter in Mallorca.

First, a note about Mallorca’s climate

When you hear the phrase “renovating in the winter”, your mind might conjure up images of contractors in woolly hats and snow boots. The reality in Mallorca is quite different.

The island benefits from a Mediterranean climate, with lows averaging 7°C even in the coldest months (usually January and February). So, while you might glimpse snowcapped mountains, the truly cold weather rarely makes its way down to sea level.

In fact, average highs are around 15°C for those months, a temperate climate for many building renovations. But even with mild weather, what are the reasons people plan renovations in Mallorca for winter?

renovate during the winter in Mallorca

1. Contractor availability

Whatever the size and scale of your renovations, it’s important to find the right team for the job. The best contractors and subcontractors are usually very busy in summer months, with better availability in the winter. So, you could have your choice of renovation team even if you don’t book them well in advance, and you might be one of their only projects at that time.

2. Enjoy your summer

Even when everything goes to plan, living with renovations can be disruptive. Whether you live permanently in your property or use it as a holiday home, having the space to yourself when the warmer weather hits means you can take full advantage of Mallorca in the spring and summertime.

3. The right temperature for materials

Some renovations require just the right conditions. When it comes to tasks like plastering, particularly warm weather can cause materials to dry out and crack. Timing your renovations just right can help avoid this issue.

Luckily, Mallorca doesn’t receive a lot of rainfall. But if you’re concerned about dry weather for tasks like roofing, your contractor might be able to come up with a handy solution or project plan to help.

4. Work permits

It’s important to apply for building work permits well in advance of your renovations. Even so, local government departments have busy periods, just like any other organization. Timing your application right can help you avoid delays because of paperwork and processing.

5. Giving yourself extra time to plan

With the best will in the world, many people leave planning the finer details of their renovations until the last minute. If this coincides with a busy spring or summer period, it can be hard to focus on exactly what you want.

Planning renovations at a quieter time, well in advance, can give you space and flexibility to work out exactly what you’re looking for.

6. More comfortable work

Ambient winter temperatures can create a more comfortable working environment. This is true for both yourself and your contractors. If you plan on doing any of the renovation work yourself, consider when you would feel most comfortable doing the work.

renovate the winter in Mallorca

Can I landscape in winter?

When you’re renovating, consider the whole of your property, including the grounds. A well-designed garden can extend your living space with alfresco dining, shady terraces, and more.

It’s important to find the right balance when it comes to planning landscaping. On one hand, it’s not a good idea to plant in frozen ground, on the other, it can be easier to tackle a garden when it’s not in full growth or overrun with wildlife.

Considering your garden in winter can also help you to picture how it will look year round, not just in the summer. So, you can get the most out of it, even in colder months.

Choosing a renovation team in Mallorca

However large or small your renovation project, it’s vital to make sure you have a trusted team with the right skills. This means in-depth knowledge and proven experience in similar projects.

At LF91, we can help you create the perfect home in Mallorca through carefully planned spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Since 2006, we’ve been using our experience of property development to help clients realize their dream projects.

Our trusted team offers a wide range of services to help with renovating, building, and restoring across the island, including interior design and architecture.

To find out more, visit our projects page or send us a message.

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