Building your dream Mallorcan home: what to consider

Building your dream Mallorcan home: what to consider

When you’re building or renovating, it’s important to stay focused on your goals. Defining exactly what you’re looking for at the start will help your architect and builders work to those goals to create your dream Mallorcan Home. So, what do you need to consider?

Below we’ve created a quick guide to get you started when it comes to planning your dream build or remodel.

  1. Choose the right area for you

Mallorca is a relatively small island, but it has very distinct areas. There are little villages tucked away in the mountains, bustling ports, sleepy countryside, and lively towns. Working out exactly where you want to be will help you focus your search for property or land.

Remember, it’s important to research permits and make sure that the land is zoned correctly for your build.

  1. Decide on size

When thinking about the size of your Mallorcan house, consider what it will be used for. You might be surprised by the size you need.

For example, a retired couple might not feel they need much space, but in reality the house will frequently be filled with children and grandchildren. Equally, larger properties need more maintenance which can take time and money, and this doesn’t suit everybody.

Try to take into account not only the size of property you need now, but also in the future.

  1. Settle on a budget

Whatever your budget, it’s always vital to keep it in mind at each stage of your project. From choosing the area right through to the finishing touches, budget management is a necessary skill and shouldn’t be forgotten.

If you’re finding it hard to fit everything you want into your budget, why not make a list of the most important elements? That way, you’ll know where to make savings.

  1. Remember orientation

Reports suggest Mallorca gets around 300 days of sun a year. The way your house sits on a plot of land will determine how you make the most of the weather.

For example, you might be able to create a more energy-efficient house that gets the sun at certain times or create a beautiful terrace that’s bathed in golden evening sunlight almost every day. The way your property is angled will also determine which rooms get the best views.

  1. Look for style inspiration

You might know exactly what you want in terms of style, or you might need to look around for inspiration. Remember to be clear with your architect and interior design team about any ideas you have.

Building your dream Mallorcan home

When it comes to choosing materials, it’s best to opt for high-quality, long-lasting materials that will look great in your space.

  1. Think about maintenance

Depending on how you will use your house, you may need to consider maintenance at the design stage. This is because some features make upkeep easier or more time-consuming. For example, landscaped gardens are a beautiful addition to a property that can draw a living area outside into nature. However, if you only plan to visit a few times a year, someone will need to maintain them.

  1. Find the right team

Having the right team around you when building or renovating a property is key. In Mallorca, we recommend working with local, trusted experts who can provide a portfolio of work.

At LF91, we offer everything from architecture to project management services and work closely with Epic Constructions who create high-quality, bespoke builds across the island.

  1. Think about energy-saving features

Energy-efficient housing isn’t just a trend. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also adds comfort and can reduce costs associated with running a home.

Energy-saving features might be little touches like installing the right blinds or larger elements like choosing appropriate insulation.

  1. Take a moment to think about your current house

Before deciding on what you want to include in your new house or renovation in Mallorca, consider how you feel about features in your current house. Is there anything that you wish worked differently?

Now is your chance to make those changes in your new house. They might be style based, for example, wall colour, or structural, for example, adding a separate guest house so that visitors have their own space.

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At LF91, we can help you build the perfect home in Mallorca through carefully planned spaces, both indoors and outdoors. We’ve been working across Mallorca since 2006, helping our clients create their dream properties.

Our team offers architecture, interior design, project management, and landscaping services, and we also work with local construction firms.

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