Selling your house in Mallorca? Think about staging first

Selling your house in Mallorca? Think about staging first

Three things to do before selling your Mallorcan house

When a buyer views your house, they need to imagine themselves living there. Whether you decide to renovate or just spruce up your home, there are many nifty ways to increase your chances of a quick sale.

Staging properly

According to Rightmove, staged houses sell for 8% more than non-staged houses.

Staging a house involves reimagining the furniture and decoration. The aim is to avoid clutter, create order, and present a clean canvas that has just the right amount of personality to entice the buyer. Usually, staging involves creating a neutral pallet with lots of light, whether it’s in a modern luxury villa or an old-style townhouse.

The term staging dates back to the early 1970s. At that time, Barb Schwarz was working in Seattle real estate when she began to dress the houses she was selling. Today, according to the US National Association of Realtors, 82% of buyers' agents say “staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home”.

Selling your house Mallorca

People who come to view your property are buying into a lifestyle, and staging helps your house fit this vision. Usually, this involves removing personal objects, which can be difficult, especially when you have happy memories and an emotional attachment to the property. That’s why hiring a company with staging and interior design experience is a great way to optimize your space from an outside perspective.

Updating interior design

Updating your property’s interior goes a step beyond staging. It takes a little longer, but the results can be fantastic. 

At first, it might seem counterintuitive to work on interior design right before you sell. But there are many reasons that a buyer would appreciate the update. Maybe the house was last decorated a while ago, perhaps your tastes are less on the neutral side, or maybe you’d just like to maximize your property’s potential. 

Selling your house Mallorca

Here are just a few ways interior designers can help your property stand out:

  • Make the best use of your space
    Interior designers can use their knowledge of design principles to optimize your space. That might mean creating a better flow, setting up living spaces that are more functional, or finding ingenious ways to add attractive storage.
  • Harmonise with your surroundings
    Mallorcan properties have the immediate advantage of being on a beautiful island, surrounded by sweeping countryside and sea views. Whether you’re in a penthouse or farmhouse, interior designers can help your property to fit with its surroundings, using natural materials or locally sourced items.

Sprucing up your interior design doesn’t have to be a challenge, even if you own a vast, luxury villa. The right team can advise on materials and finishes, as well as project manage, taking the stress out of your project.

Selling your house Mallorca

Renovate before selling - a solution that offers profits of up to 30%

If you decide your property needs more than a little touch-up, remodelling might be the answer. This could be anything from fixing important structural issues to creating desirable spaces.

Try to think carefully about what would add value to the property. And, consider what needs to be done from the perspective of a stranger, not just yourself. This can be particularly hard when you’ve poured your heart into a home; what you appreciate might not be the same as what others are looking for.

If you need advice about renovating your property, please get in touch. Our team are happy to help with everything from architecture to project management and we work closely with construction companies in Mallorca.

Don’t forget the outside!

Having a beautiful garden in a Mallorcan villa is desirable, but it should look well kept. Landscaping can help tame and reinvigorate outdoor spaces, make them easier to maintain, and seem generally more attractive.

Landscaping doesn’t just create a pretty garden, either. It can extend your living space, create privacy, and build functional areas such as terraces for alfresco dining. The right design might just increase your property price, too.

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