How to create a luxury kitchen: tips and ideas

How to create a luxury kitchen: tips and ideas

Luxury kitchens can transform a tired room into a beautiful, comfortable, and functional space at the heart of your home. In this article, we look at how to create an incredible kitchen with the right designs, materials, and fitters.

Why choose a high-end kitchen?

Luxury kitchens are designed to suit the homeowner and the home. This means that, instead of a place to just prepare food, the kitchen becomes somewhere you can entertain, gather as a family, or cook in comfort and style.

High-end kitchens can create the illusion of space and allow interior design elements to flow through the house. The right kitchen can also add value to the property.

What’s more, many high-end kitchens incorporate sustainable and efficient features through the latest technology and materials.

What a luxury kitchen should look like

There is no one correct style for a luxury kitchen. The aesthetics can be designed to your tastes and lifestyle. You might choose a minimalist, modern Mediterranean style or settle on a traditional, ornate theme. It’s up to you!

How to renovate your kitchen to luxury standards

  • Assess what you need

Luxury kitchen design needs to strike a balance between the initial vision and what works in the space. It’s important to consider both what the kitchen will look like and how it will be used. That way, you will have a kitchen that truly works for you in the long term.

  • Hide what you don’t want to see

When you’re in a space, you don’t notice everything, all at once. Often, we get an impression of how a place feels based on lots of little elements that we might not even be aware of.

Bulky appliances, bins, and assorted cooking equipment can be an unsightly addition that takes away from the otherwise gorgeous designs. Luxury kitchens often hide away what the owner doesn’t want to see in handy storage areas and built-in cupboards.

  • Use the best materials and finishes

The quality of the kitchen should be seen right down to the little details. This means using superior materials and creating high-quality finishes throughout the space. For instance, cabinets might be beautiful both outside and inside so that the luxurious feel isn’t just a façade.

You might also choose to add luxury details, such as detailing, that create a truly high-quality feel.

  • Consider convenience

Luxury isn’t just about how something looks. It’s important to build in convenience, too. This might mean making sure the appliances are modern and high spec, adding extra facilities to speed up chores, or including a chef-quality cooker so that delicious meals can be whipped up.

  • Flowing light

Traditionally, kitchens don’t always come with the best lighting. It might be that the counters are somehow overshadowed, the windows are too small, or the type of lights create a clinical feel.

When it comes to luxury design, lighting is very important. Natural light will help to create an inviting, open space, meanwhile artificial lights should be chosen based on what works with the room shape and design.

Luxury kitchen idea: outdoor living

If you’re lucky enough to own a property in the gorgeous Mediterranean climate, you can take advantage of your surroundings by opening up the kitchen to the beautiful outdoors. Incorporating doors that open out onto a garden or patio area creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Luxury kitchen Mallorca

This also makes the layout flexible and creates even more ways to use the space. Consider using natural materials to help the room flow to the outside.

What if I have a small kitchen?

The size of your property doesn’t need to be an obstacle to installing an upscale kitchen. There are many ways to optimise the space. A designer might use certain colours to make the area seem bigger, create a layout that means you can move around the space easily and naturally, and source items of the right proportions to complement the room.

Open-plan kitchens can help a space to feel larger. Similarly, ‘broken-plan’ uses the same idea but creates specific zones so that the various living spaces don’t entirely merge. Speak to your designer about your ideas and they can help you find solutions that work.

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