Benefits of hiring an interior designer

Benefits of hiring an interior designer

Whether you’re building or renovating, it’s important to have the right people in your team. You need to know the time, money, and energy you invest will be worthwhile. When it comes to hiring a design studio in Mallorca, the decision isn’t difficult. Here are just some of the ways they can benefit your project.

Define your style

Have you ever walked into a room and loved the ambience, only noticing afterwards the little details that make it so beautiful? Interior designers know how to create this effortless style.

They can pinpoint and then implement your tastes, from tiny embellishments to large furnishings. What’s more, they can add unique touches to make your interiors stand out from the crowd.

Interior designers can also help you prioritise the elements that are most important to you. That way, you don’t need to compromise. For example, our interior design at the beautiful Can Baula in Mallorca (shown below) seamlessly blends elegance and comfort. With a calming, soft pastel palette and luxurious walnut wood finishes, the space is both stunning and comfortable.

Interior designer, Can Baula

Save money, without losing out

Interior designers should work to your budget, making important style decisions according to your needs. They also know the market value of furniture and products, and have insider insight into where to get the best items. This can help your budget stretch further.

What’s more, interior designers can advise on how to cut costs when needed. For instance, spending a little more on one item could improve its durability, meanwhile swapping a small luxurious item for a more budget-friendly option may not affect the room’s overall feel.

If you choose to re-purpose items you already own, saving money and adding your own style, the designer will know how to seamlessly integrate them into the space.

Use design principles to make the best use of your space

It takes experience and training to understand the characteristics of a space, to identify the best way to handle light, or design a colour scheme. Whether you have large open rooms or lots of nooks and crannies, interior design studios in Mallorca can help you optimize your spaces.

For example, at Mallorcan Villa Bonaire, the inside and outside flow together seamlessly. Rather than separate spaces, the outside feels functional and usable, as though it were an extension of the house, all without losing the beauty of the interior or exterior.

Interior designer in Mallorca

Form a team

It’s a good idea to add interior designers to your team early on in the process. That way, they can work with your architects and builders, or at the very least advise you on how to speak their language.

What’s more, interior designers work with the architect’s vision, not against it, so your property feels cohesive. For instance, at Villa Bonaire (pictured below), huge Art Deco panoramic windows found by the architect are complemented by a minimalist interior designed by our team.

Villa Bonaire, interior designer in Mallorca

Add value to your house

Interior design can be both beautiful and practical. It can add value to a house with innovative solutions and add appeal for buyers; it’s hard to resist a beautifully decorated and perfectly presented property.

Harmonize with your surroundings

Interior designers understand how to integrate natural elements into your home, helping it blend with the beautiful Mallorcan landscape.

For instance, the interiors of Villa Alfabguera in Mallorca (see below) contain natural Zarci stone and Iroko wood, integrating into the surrounding environment while still catching the eye.

Interior design in Mallorca

LF91 – Interior design studio in Mallorca

At LF91, we can help you create the perfect home in Mallorca through carefully planned spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Through bespoke interior design, landscaping services, architecture, and more, we’re equipped to manage as much or as little of your next project as you need.

Please get in touch to talk through your project, or browse our latest work.

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