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Can Angel

Tradition and touches of modernity

Stately house in traditional and deep-rooted Mallorcan style. 

The stately house is the result of the reform of a stately home in Mallorca, in which as the floors and walls were stripped, substrata of local history appeared. Dozens of owners and decades of history had passed through it, and each of them had contributed something. Arches that had been hidden came to light, clay vases that in their day were used as light fill to support the vaults, appeared when the floors were cleaned. Frescoes that had been covered up re-emerged from the walls and many more surprises that were unearthed endowed the house with character and historical richness.. 

Then a second personality appears. But as a marriage should be, it is a personality that is not ashamed, that does not subtract and above all that does not hide at first. It is an open and German personality, who brings order to the chaos of the story. It is a personality that provides the most modern technology to traditionThe two coexist, the two add up. When you enter the house, you are greeted by a welcoming entrance. A wide space, with a high ceiling and dominated by an arch that invites you to enter and presents you with a grandiose stone staircase that is flanked by an ornate railing and crowned by a molded wooden handrail.  The crystalline spheres of a lamp that accompanies you as you climb up the stairs fall like drops in suspension. Under the stairs a surprise. A fountain carved on a block of local stone, which can supply us with fresh water or sparkling water at will. This fountain makes a transition between the kitchen and a very special exterior.  

The garden awaits you like a breath of fresh air. Surrounded by greenery is the heart of the house. With a swimming pool with organic shapes and materials presided over by a vertical garden; it is flanked by two walls that separate it from the neighboring houses. Even in these walls you can see the passage of time. Each portion of the wall with a different material or installation tells the story of a town, a house, a garden. They tell the story of Can Angel.

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