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Antoni Maura

Sea breeze on dry land

This renovated apartment is located on the Paseo Maritimo in the heart of Palma. Its owners enjoy beautiful views of both the cathedral and the sea. In addition, the privileged area of the Borne avenue is located just a few meters away where some of the best shops in the city stand. 

Its owners have a passion for sailing. LF91 had the purpose of fulfilling their dreams and therefore studied every detail to make them come true. Given that the space in question was somewhat reduced, as if dealing with a boat the most had to be made of each corner, so their love for the nautical world was introduced into the depths of their home. 

The wooden floors, the high windows and the wide and clear views of the sea remind the owners of long days spent sailing, but to put their feet on the groundsome decorative elements such as works of art add colour to the rest of the house, and the modern and functional furniture helps to make the daily life practical. 

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