LF91 was founded in 2006 with the intention of combining the four principles which characterize our activity: innovation, energy, quality and audacity. At LF91, we are prepared to undertake any project our client may have in mind. Our involvement consists in facilitating all of the client’s paperwork procedures and covering all phases of the project, starting by finding a plotin Mallorca, continuing during the projects execution and could even carry through the posterior maintenance phase. Our way of working is marked by elegance, minimalism, neatness and purity, at the same time that these precepts impose character and quality on every project we carry out.

Minimalism and purity make our way to proceed.

Our philosophy is clear and convincing; it’s based on two fundamental principles. Firstly, we combine the coordination and paperwork for constructing buildings which capture the owner’s idea, converting it into a real project and evolving it in a way that respects the environment. Secondly, we strive to attain the client’s complete satisfaction: through our work we try to fulfil all their initial expectations. At LF91, we facilitate the work processes and we take on the complete management of the project including all the architectural design steps, from searching for an ideal site, processing licenses, building a property that is architecturally integrated into the Mallorcan landscape, to the design of interiors and gardens. All under the directionand supervision of our project manager: Miquel Bauzà.

About Us

LF91’s team works as an excellent coordinator when it comes to creating and constructing quality homes according to the needs and objectives of each client. Our team of professionals are dedicated to architecture, design, technology and engineering. The convergence of knowledge is basic to developing a good project. By working closely with these experts, we are in a position where we can offer and encourage the client to decide how they would like to live. Our purpose is helping them create and develop their goal.

At LF91 we make every effort to minimize environmental impact and to maintain harmony between society, environment and technological progress. The architectural projects developed by LF91 respond to quality ideals that have a direct relationship with nature. Our field of action covers from investigation and development of private residential projects to the interior design and landscaping of villas in Mallorca, under Miquel Bauzà’s direction and supervision, LF91’s project manager.

The development of a sustainable building implies that it should have minimum impact on the environment, reducing its consumption of energy and resources. What is more, the building should adapt to the required conditions of the surrounding habitat, the population and climate. LF91’s task fuses design and execution combined with experience. The studio has a wide professional background on a national level, especially in the area of construction of luxury homes and other high quality projects such as villas in Mallorca and Ibiza. High quality, exclusivity and exquisiteness in design are part of our vocabulary as professionals extensively experienced in architecture, construction, interior designing and landscaping. We love minimalism and neatness, and at the same time we consider it extremely important to respect the traditions and the culture of the area where we build and refurbish every building, every house, your home. The surroundings are as important as the interior of the house, that´s why our comprehensive vision guarantees the durability of our projects.

High quality projects and luxury Villas in Mallorca and Ibiza...