LF91 provides design services with high standards, adapted to the surrounding reality, thanks to the combination of the experience obtained in cutting edge architectural projects and knowledge of the market and technology.

  We have all the necessary resources to develop your project. Our firm specializes in architecture, design and construction of single family residences, multi-family homes and hotels in Mallorca. We also have a professional team in charge of carrying outcomplete renovations of properties in Mallorca, from beginning to end at your disposal. Their involvement spans from the analysis and design phases to the implementation of renewable technologies through LF91 ECO DESIGN. We consider that, in the construction of houses, the main factor today is to be able to adapt to the needs of the surroundings, to achieve a technologically and environmentally efficient building, focused on obtaining a better quality of life. Therefore, optimizing it with maximum effectiveness and efficiency is the principal commitment and responsibility of LF91.

What services are offered by the project manager?

From LF91 Project Management we cover all the needs and demands related to the construction of his house in Mallorca offering our services of: Study and Urban Consulting, Architectural Design, Project Management, Comprehensive reforms and minor repairs, Interior Design and Home Staging, Surveys and construction reports, Engineering, Renewable energies and energy certification processes, Landscape gardening, Modular houses, Property surveyors Mallorca